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Our Materials

The surface of our quartz sink is slightly rough and feels like stone. In fact, the robust composite sink is made of 75-80% natural quartz sand – the hardest constituent of granite – is not only rock hard, but you can even repair it yourself if something should happen. But water and a little washing-up liquid are all it takes to clean our sinks from the normal everyday challenges they face. 

If you thought that a granite sink must cost much more than a regular stainless steel sink, we’d have to disappoint you – our quartz sink is as attractive on price as it is to look at.

6-Steps To Work With Us


Our customers can choose a model from our website or catalog,or directly send us a design photo with dimension figure,we will provide a specific drawing for the design product.


We will give a quote for the required product according to the quantity.If the price is acceptable,then foward to the sampling procedure.


We will send the sample chips to our customers abroad for the color and quality approval.Somtimes our customers come to our factory to check the sample derectly.


If it is a new modle,we will open a new mold,this will last 30-40 days. Normally we will charge the molding fee to start with,and will deduct the amount once the official order was placed.


Normally after the sample is confirmed,we will send the Proforma Invoice to our customers,and we will process the order once after we received the 30% prepayment.


We will report to our customers during the production period.After we received the full payment,then we will arrange the shipment.

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Our composite quartz sink is made of 70-75% natural quartz sand and around 20% bonding agent-Acrylic resin.

The sink comes with one hole drilled if required and can do pre-drilled holes that can easily be knocked out by following the supplied directions. 

Yes,we will send the sample chips for colour approval. And also for quality review,it would be the same material as a real product.

We can ship out the goods with accessories as the customer’s required,but normally the amount for the accessories in our quotation is not included.  

We can send you a spec sheet with detailed measurement information on any model showed in our website.

Yes, but nomally we send out with sample chips for our customers. For a whole sink is too heavy and it’s easy to break during transaiton by Express.

Our warranty period is normally 15 years, it covers any manufacturing fault, but not general wear and tear that can happen over time, in a frequently used sink.

Yes,it can be custom-made in any model or designs you loved,if necessary we would charge a molding fee for developing a new model. In case the quantity reach our MOQ we will deduct the molding fee in future order.

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